One of the identifying devices that can detect material by measuring the light intensity, reflection, absorption or radiation of the material.


Phystec Company offers a variety of optical, spectroscopy and Raman devices.


PHYSTEC established in 2013, we are a professional company that designs and manufactures high-tech analysis instruments and equipment. With worldwide knowledge and prevailing experience, PHYSTEC continues the tradition of design innovation and high-quality products.The main activities of PHYSTEC include development, production and sales of spectroscopic systems and optical instruments. We have strong R&D center, sales team, customer service team and QC team which grows very fast and obtains good reputation in the market. Our major products include: Miniature UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer, Spark emission spectrometer (SPE), Monochromator and Portable water analyzer. All products can be customized according to customers’ special requirements.

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  • Phystec Company offers a variety of optical, spectroscopy and Raman devices.
  • Services for designing data transmission lines through fiber optics in various environments , temperatures and pressures and gases.
  • Designing specialized software applications by spectrophotometric services and other services provided by this company.

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