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Optical spectrometer is a tool to study the interaction of light with the material environment (atoms and molecules). Phystec Miniature Optical Spectrometer is a small and portable device that can be used with optical fiber in UV, Vis, NIR measurements in the range of 190 to 1100 nm. The application range of the device can be adjusted according to the customer’s request.

Portable Water Analyzer PWA-4000

Control of substances and salts in water as the most important fluid used in industry and urban and rural life is very important. Using advanced analysis tools will help us meet this need. Precise control of parameters is the main application of PWA-4000 water analyzer.

Gardner Color meter PT-100

PT-100 color inspection device is the first Iranian spectrophotometer that is used for color analysis of transparent liquids with yellow to brown color range on Gardner scale. Gardner Color Scale is an international standard used for drying oils, polished oils and solutions of fatty acids and polymerized fatty acids and resins, tal oil and other related products.

chromatography device 4000M

The Meta-chrom Crystalux-4000M gas chromatograph is a high quality gas chromatograph for all routine laboratory analyzes. This set is a highly reliable device with minimal complexity in use and maintenance. In this device, from sample injection to chromatographic information processing can be done automatically


Phystec Company is an innovative and leading company in the field of design, production and development of advanced spectroscopy equipment and systems. This collection was established in 2013 by a group of elite university experts and graduates in the field of engineering and basic sciences.

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  • Phystec Company offers a variety of optical, spectroscopy and Raman devices.
  • Services for designing data transmission lines through fiber optics in various environments , temperatures and pressures and gases.
  • Designing specialized software applications by spectrophotometric services and other services provided by this company.

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